GSCA 2023 Outstanding Achievement Nomination

Honorees are selected based on contributions of lasting impact which: 

  • Best advance the giant screen industry
  • Enhance the immersive cinema experience and/or promote lifelong learning through the giant screen experience
  • Inspire audiences and the industry 

Achievements in all aspects of the industry will be considered.

The GSCA Executive Committee will review all nominations and determine if the award is to be bestowed. Honorees will be notified prior to the award event.

Your Name*

Please describe why you think your nominee should receive the Outstanding Achievement Award. Please limit your description to no more than 750 words and include the following:

  • the reason for the nomination
  • the impact the person/organization and the achievement have had on the industry and/or audiences
  • the extent that achievement has been embraced by industry

Two other members of GSCA must send an email to GSCA supporting your nomination. Those emails should be sent no later than July 14 to Please provide the names of the people who will be sending their emails of support.

Person 1 who will send an email supporting your nomination*
Person 2 who will send an email supporting your nomination*
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